Not the end…just a new beginning…

"New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings." When I look back at the past, I find this to be true.

Today we, as a family, decided to go to church.  It is something that we have been talking about for years, but never actually did.  Husband is Baptist and I am Catholic, so finding a church that we both feel comfortable with, has proven to be a challenged.  We decided to put our differences away and try a new church. 

Lately, we have been dealing with some troubling issues, things that made us think that perhaps it was the ending of what we knew as a normal life.  All family members had to deal with some wicked issues, and we all thought the END was all it was…today, after listening to the Pastor, we learned that instead of thinking about it like it’s the END…we need to see it as a NEW BEGINNING.

Listening to something as simple as that, coming from a total stranger, gave me a sense of peace I cannot express with words. I believe in God, I’ve always have, and although there are many things that happen in our lives, that we do not comprehend, life goes on…and God will always have your back. The hardest part is to actually maintain your FAITH…and TRUST that “It’s going to be OK”…that it will work itself out (that reminds me of a dear friend I have in SC). It’s going to be OK…

I believe everything is going to be OK…all of it!!!!

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