No pants, no bra, no problem…

This has Kelsey's name written all over it... Handwritten Coffee Mug if it requires pants by simplymadegreetings, $11.00

Weekend is here….that is awesome!!! No plans!!! Which  I love…

1st of the month means bills like house, car payments, baseball,orthodontist and eyeglasses expenses and….yeah…that will make a dent in your bank account…

So…no big plans for the weekend…more likely, we’ll be at home relaxing…maybe a trip to the farmers market for more veggies and some Red Box movies. More likely JJ will play his XBOX all the way till Sunday.  Janie will read and do her thing.  So, maybe J and I will take a short ride somewhere, maybe we’ll sleep past 8AM, maybe I will not clean anything and be lazy all weekend…the possibilities are endless 🙂

We’ll see….What about you? What do you have going on this weekend? Anything interesting? New?

In the mean time HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND!!!

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