No leggings, no collarbones, and no shorts for girls…SMH

WOW, What the hell is going on with Society? Why are we making girls be self-conscious about their bodies? Why everything has to be sexual? What is wrong with our school system?  Why do total strangers get to dictate what my child wears to school? Why are we giving our government so much power?

Gallery: Were This High Schooler's Clothes Inappropriate? A school official said this dress worn at a Utah school dance by Gabi Finlayson violated dress code rules about shoulder strap width. In 31 C heat, school pulls 25 - 60 girls from class for "dress code violations" | Daily Buzz - Yahoo News Canada ** "Your slutty girl knees might distract the boys"  = Rape Culture**

I believe that we are all equal regardless of our gender. It’s very troublesome, how we, as a Society, discriminate and sexualized everything for our children. Then we wonder what the hell went wrong! Lately, social media has been documenting the various dress-codes affecting our schools. And yes, I said affecting, because the girls that have been involved in the so-called dress code violations, have been dressed more than appropriately to go to school.  How can we be so judgemental with clothing?

In my children’s high school, girls can wear shorts as long as they are knee-length. Why? Don’t get me wrong, I believe there should be an appropriate dress-code, what I do not believe is that school should have all the power to decide what is right and what is wrong. What is wrong with wearing a tank top with a vest or jacket on top? What is wrong with wearing shorts to school, no shorter than 5-6 inches from the knee? What is wrong with having busty girls show some cleavage (some, can’t help it, because GOD made them very, very voluptuous)?   Why do we have those double standards between boys and girls? We don’t dictate how tight boys wear their pants, or how short their shorts are!

So tired of Society victimizing girls, making them feel ashamed of their bodies….it has to STOP! To make life simpler, make them wear uniforms!!!! That way you will not have an issue with the clothing children like/choose to wear!!!

I mean, think about it…what is next? Are they going to tell my children what they can and cannot eat? Or What perfume/cologne they can use? Are they going to tell my kids that they can only wear NIKE? Are they going to tell them when they can smile, laugh, be happy? So tired of this control freaks damaging our teenagers with their so-called rules, set up by someone who probably isn’t even a parent!!!!!  Dang…all I have to say is that someone ever has a problem with the way my kids dress to school…I will raise all the HELL you can imagine…because at the end of the day…the school, the government does not purchase my children clothing…the school/government did not carry my child for 9-months…the school/government does not pay my bills, nor do they care for my children when they are sick.  They need to have a balance and parents should be involved in any and all decisions pertaining to their children.


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