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Hello fellow bloggers!

Recently I was introduced to Newport Skinny Tea (NST). NST is a tea created with the idea to deliver energy, help with digestion and speed your metabolism.  Newport Skinny Tea is a blend of herbs that are good for the body, mind and soul.

I was provided with three blends: Newport Skinny Evening Tea, Venice Beach Fitness Tea and Newport Skinny Daytime Tea. I was asked to try the products and provide an honest review. The products were provided at no cost to me.

First let me say that the delivery was super quick.  I decided to try out the Newport Skinny Evening Tea last night.  My first impression was the packaging. All ingredients are listed and each package came with exact instructions.  Newport Skinny Tea 21 Day Detox Plan Tea Drink 1000s Women Use Daily to Get Lean, Lose Weight, Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Yerba Mate, Oolong, it helps rid body of cellulite, bloat, gives energy

Newport Skinny Evening and Daytime Tea have different flavors, both very pleasant, and easy to drink.  The Evening Tea has some sweetness to it and I must add that I had a great night sleep night. This morning I tried the Daytime Tea, not as sweet as the Daytime but very pleasant to the palate.


There is no magic to it, basically you drink the tea, follow the clean eating plan on their website for those who like to stick to a plan, and NST will help you get rid of a few pounds. Who doesn’t want to get rid of some extra weight?

So far, I’ve noticed two things: The Evening Tea allowed me to have a good night sleep and the Daytime Tea is making me increase my water intake.  I am just getting started, lets stay tuned to find out what this NST journey does for me.

In the mean time, here is a link to NST website where you can order your tea, and also keep in mind you can purchase your tea on

I will continue posting updates as I keep on with my Skinny Newport Tea journey.

-Latin Mama in the South


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