New Address…Shock!

It never ceases to amaze me how different the laws are from state to state.  One would think that things would be kind of the same, since we live in this wonderful country.  But, in reality stuff varies from place to place.  So far, we found out that when you purchase a new vehicle, in the state of Mississippi, you have to pay taxes up front in order to get your new tag.  I also learned that the children’s shot records have to be transcribed to a MS form, by a physician, regardless of having a sealed certified shots record from the previous state…bummer! And the list goes on and on.  Not complaining, just surprised about the difference from state to state.

With a new address comes the getting use to new things, to different things.  Now, I am living in a fancier neighborhood.  The place is five miles from the city, yet I live in the country (which I love).  Before moving to MS, I lived in SC, and I did not have to pay to get my trash picked up. Here I have a gorgeous “Pink” trashcan, and the city charges us to pick up the trash. We have to pay the water and the gas bill to two different towns (weird), and there is not public landfill!!!!

Having to find a new orthodontist, pediatrician, eye doctor, etc….struggling with that…there are so many options…I guess I should just pick one and see how it works.  One thing that is going to take -some getting use to- is not having a Food Lion or Bi-Lo.  The only grocery store -aside from Walmart- is Kroger.  I never really shopped at Kroger, I guess I did not have one close enough to make it my main grocery store. Here in MS, I have no choice…is either Kroger or Walmart.  Well, I do have Sams too…and that is where we have been getting our meat. One thing that also surprised me is the crazy amounts of CVS and Walgreen’s we have…WOW!!!  There are also many, many churches around town.  The other day Jay and I were driving around, just looking for a Red Box…and we took a different road…I was in shock…in both sides of the road…there were all kinds of churches…all denominations, sizes and colors.

Kroger 101: How to Shop and Save Money at Kroger Stores

One thing I do not miss…is the palmetto bugs…yes those dang roaches that crawl all over SC. I have yet to see a bug here where I live, although I know that as soon as the weather warms up…those little creepy crawlers will start showing up.  I have seen plenty of wildlife, but no bugs.

Six-spotted Tiger Beetles (Cicindela sexguttata) are fairly small, growing about 1/2 inch long. They are easy to identify, with a bright metallic green body. The outer wings, called elytra, each have three to five white spots. Since the beetle has two elytra, it could actually have a total of six to ten spots. Legs and antennae are also bright green. These beetles usually live alone and only get together to breed. Photographed in my yard 5/2013, Hernando, Mississippi. Photo by Kelly Jacobs

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