My Weekend

Nothing better than watching a game on a sunny day where there's a great concession stand

Well, no time to write…can’t believe I am actually typing that, but it’s the truth.  Between work and my son’s baseball, super busy schedule…I have no time to the things I love.  It’s OK, my kids come first any given day and I chose to work.

This past weekend we had a baseball tournament.  Although the kids were batting great, their defense was not on point, therefore we did not do a great job as a team. But, my little (not really) munchkin…hit his first home-run…and I am so proud!  I was actually able to capture the whole thing on video J  It was a great thing to witnesses….one of his dreams came true in front of my own eyes.

Janie was super excited to have witnessed JJ’s 1st homer (in an actual game).  She is also getting excited about her over-night field trip this month (I am not). She just tested for AP English and she is super thrilled about that. I think is so amazing that she loves to work her brain.

It is safe to say, that although my life is not perfect, I have an amazing life.  I have the BEST children in the world, I have a man beside me, who is not ashamed of loving me and not ashamed of letting the world know that I am all he needs.  I have a job, co-workers are super supportive, and I have a beautiful new home.  See, I told you I was blessed.

This weekend we have another tournament, so we will enjoy some more baseball 🙂

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