My weekend was great!

WINDY CITY GRILLE    330 W Commerce Street  Hernando, MS 38632  (662) 449-0331:

My weekend was amazing!  It started with my hubby and I running some errands.  Saturday morning we woke up and did some errands, then we got home and relax for a while until it was time to meet some friends.  We ended up going for dinner and drinks to Windy City Grille in Hernando, Mississippi.  What a GREAT place!!!  As soon as I walked in I was taken back by the place.

Windy City Grille is a restaurant and bar located at 330 W. Commerce Street in Hernando, Mississippi.  The menu is amazing!  We ordered some appetizers and with the exception of the fried pickles everything was spot on.  I don’t eat pickles, therefore I cannot say the were good.  But all the ones that tried them found them to be fantastic. We order the Windy City Loaded Chips, Fried pickles and a sausage and cheese platter, everything was good.  We were so full, we did not think we were going to order food.  We kept having some drinks and having some good conversation, we ended up ordering a Supreme Pizza and I believe a Pepperoni Pizza….My Gosh!!! Mouthwatering…I only ate the pepperoni pizza, it was loaded with pepperoni and salami and lots of cheesy.  We had so much pizza, Jason and I ended up carrying the rest to our children-who were super excited! Check out their menu, it is loaded with pure goodness!!!

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Sunday was a different story, after having such a great Saturday…we knew we had to clean the house.  I am expecting company this coming weekend and I knew we had to start doing some major cleaning.  The more I look around the house the angrier I got! I couldn’t believe my teenagers can be so messy yet so lazy to clean after themselves.  I had enough! I woke them up and they both started cleaning the house.  Once I saw everyone pitch in, I was more at ease! The house is not perfectly spotless, but is 85% there.  Thursday and Friday we’ll clean up some more to be ready for our guests.

That was the weekend!  I did managed to make a quick trip to Target and TJ Max where I got some Easter accents to decorate the house a little and I also got all the goodies for the kids Easter10293734_964392250303379_334480699862106515_o

How was your weekend? Did you accomplished all you sat to accomplish?



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