My weekend in a nutshell…

Friday, after work, I made a quick stop at Walmart, then drove home to make some dinner for the family.  After making and eating a super delicious lasagna and some garlic bread. Then Jason played doctor and helped me out with my Humira (that was so painful, but it’s already working). Then Jason and I watched some Red Box movies then called it a night…

Saturday, the day was gloomy, I felt like doing nothing…but I got up and did some things around the house.  Later on Jason and I decided to go to the Farmers Market (that is what is call, but in reality is a Hispanic/Asian grocery store), and I found some goodies I cannot find anywhere else. I was able to get a whole octopus, some salted cod-fish, Malta India which is a malt beverage and some root vegetables. I was a happy camper! As soon as we got home I began preparing a traditional Puerto Rican dish. 


Sunday, I sleep longer than usual…and woke up with a major headache. After taking care breakfast, I got JJ up and we headed out for baseball winter workouts and baseball practice. So, from 2PM till 6PM it was all baseball 🙂


After baseball we came home, everybody ate dinner while I worked on the octopus. I am the only one in the house that likes to eat octopus, and in reality I never prepared the dish before. I eat it almost every time I go to Puerto Rico, but is quite expensive and not an easy thing to find. After a lot of work I had my octopus salad and I loved it! Best part is that I have enough left-over for 2-3 days. 


It was a great, family oriented weekend…and to make it better the Carolina Panthers won…so…Super Bowl…here we come!!! Super thrilled…Go Panthers!!!!

That was my weekend…it was a good one…I love my family with all my heart.

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