My weekend in a nutshell

Amazing! That is all I can say about the weekend. I mean it was great! I was in Puerto Rico with my daughter. The weather was perfect, I mean it was hot and sunny, but it was not overwhelming at all. If I have to complaint about something, is that the trip was too short. I still managed to see family, eat some super delicious and unhealthy food, and I managed to take some pictures at some of my favorite spots.

The purpose of the trip was to attend my cousin’s wedding. That was the wedding of the year…it was simply beautiful. From the location, the decorations, the attendees, the food and the music. It was perfect! It meant a lot to me to be able to attend her wedding. She is a very special person, as a professional as a Psychologist, helping others deal with their mental health, and as a human being in general, she is just special and loved by many, many people. Her husband is also an amazing man. They are a great couple who have been together for over 15 years and they finally decided to make it official. I wish them nothing but love and happiness throughout this new adventure.

Being able to see my grandmothers, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, my mother and brother…I needed that! I was happy, grateful and very thankful that my Lord allow me to make the trip. Below, I am sharing some pictures I took over the weekend. Needless to say that the trip was filled with “special moments” that I will share on another blog.

My daughter and I visiting El Muelle de Arecibo
Carbs, carbs and more carbs. Greek rice, fried plantains, guineitos en escabeche and pastelon.
A view of downtown Arecibo.
Local fisherman
My daughter and I
That beautiful ocean, that mesmerizes me with its beauty and its sound
My oldest brother and I
Ready for the wedding
Wedding decor, inside, the outside was just as beautiful
With the bride…I love them two girls, with all my heart
My favorite picture of the trip. We so love each other…it’s insane…cousins, more like sisters, it’s a love that cannot be explained or described.
Picture taken from La Marginal en Arecibo
El Faro de Arecibo. Arecibo lighthouse.

Puerto Rico:

Enough said…

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