My weekend in a nutshell


The weekend was pretty darn good!  Let’s see…Friday I did not want to cook at all, so we went to a Chinese place to have dinner. While at the place, JJ and I spotted the frog legs, so we both decided to try them for the 1st time.  It tasted like chicken, but I just could not take more than one bite. JJ and Janie also tried sushi for the 1st time and JJ liked it alright, Janie not so much. The rest of the evening was uneventful and we ended up going to bed at a descent time.

Saturday, we allowed our teenager to move upstairs, so she could have more space and her own bathroom.  She did all the moving, daddy and I just observed and tackle other chores around the house.  After many bags of excellent clothes taken to the Goodwill, Jason and I decided to go shopping for some new things for the teenagers new area. We had a quick dinner and then we called it a day. We were all super tired!

Sunday, I got up and decided to wash my Equinox, which I love, and I was so overwhelmed with all the nasty bugs splattered all over the car. It was insane! Rub and scrub until all was gone.  I was so excited to have a clean car! Since I was already sweaty and stinky I had Jason colored my hair (yes, back to dark brown) and after a nice shower I decided to go shopping. 

I was looking for some comfortable flat, black shoes…and after looking around I settled for some Clarks. They are super comfortable and they will be great for the winter. Got some other goodies and then a Starbucks and back home, not before renting 3 Red Box movies. At home, again, came up with a quick meal, then Jason and I settled in the living room and watch two out of three movies. Ended up going to bed, at around 1AM. 

It’s Columbus Day and we were home, so we got up, did some more shopping, including our pumpkins and then settled at the house.  My long weekend was good, got a lot of things done, still has more to do, but I am happy and blessed that we accomplished all we wanted to do.  

How was your weekend?

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