My weekend…all about family and Christmas

This weekend was, once again, it was all about family. Saturday, after taking JJ to his baseball uniforms fitting, we gear up for the Southaven, Christmas Parade.  My baby girl participating with her Broadway Bound dance school (I believe she has always been in a Christmas parade, for as long as I can remember), and she was excited and super thrilled about it. I snap a couple of pictures, so here I am sharing with y’all.

Janie and I before the parade


My men, my loves, my crazies….My hubby and my son.
That “walking present” on the left, is my gorgeous girl.
Christmas is all about Jesus.
Of course, I had to snap a picture of Elsa.

After the parade, we decided to set up the Star Lights we purchased this year, I love the way it makes the house look, and best of all it was super easy to install.

My beautiful house all lit up 🙂

I love Christmas, I love the light, the giving, the family togetherness and the whole meaning of Christmas. 



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