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My weekend was busy and perfect.  I started Friday with a baseball game, JJ’s team competed in a very difficult tournament this weekend, with the elite teams in the Mid South.  We knew going in, that the chances of winning were very slim, and knowing that competing at that level will make the players stronger, not only physically but emotionally.  We lost, did not win a game, but got better and better towards the end.  Mixed feelings from the parent stand point.  JJ has not been playing…he kills it during practice but succumbs to nerves during the live action, execution has not been there…mainly because he has not have play time.

Saturday, we had an early game 8AM, Jason and I went together, and JJ was given a chance to plat a little, in the outfield.  Game 3, was at 5PM, JJ was part of the line up (for the first time in a very long time). His first time at bat was a full-count and although he battled…a curve ball got him.  Second time at bat, he walked to first.  The fact that he held back from swinging is 100 percent improvement.  He had 2 QAT and we are perfectly OK with that.  We, as parents were happy to see him have a breakthrough moment with his new team.  His team is all great kids and the have been a team for a while. JJ has to earn his spot, which is a foreign thing for him to do, considering he has always been one of the top players on every time he has played before.  If nothing else, the experience itself will make him a better player.


In between games we went home, and Jason and I decided to tackle the yard.  I mowed the lawn while he cut down a tree.  After that, we cleaned up and went to the game. After the games I rented two crappy movies, it was family time, we all watch a movie together. Jason and I were wiped out, we went to bed at a decent time.

Sunday, we woke up, did a few things around the house, than Jason invited me to go to Home Depot.  We gathered a few things, including a new bird feeder for my yard and some plants to add to my veggie garden.  He stopped at Starbucks on the way home and got me a delicious Grande Mocha Frappuccino. We got home and I started working with the bird feeders and the veggies and ended up learning how to use the weedwacker…and I sucked so bad is not even funny!!!! I ended up leaving chunks of dirt on the yard from where I was supposed to trim and literally made a hole!!! I kept at it…and then ended up hurting my leg (bruise in the making) and Jason ended up taking it away from my hands.


I fixed some guacamole for dinner and some Mexican food, and it was so good.  We ate together as a family, like we do 90 percent of the time, then everybody went about their business.


My weekend was perfect, we accomplished so much, instead of being lazy, we did it all together, no arguments, just pure silliness, comfort and lovely laughter.  I have the best husband in the world…and for that I am blessed.


How was your weekend?

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