My Tuesday in a nutshell….


Wishing for a warm day at the beach….

Well, its been a pretty cold day in the Carolinas.  This morning after the kids got into the school bus Jason and I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  It was so cold! I could not even feel my ears 🙂  We walked a mile and then we went back home and got ready for work.

It was an office day for me.  Between a meeting and some court paperwork my hours flew by.

Got home around 6:30 and made a pot of rice, a roast was already cooked in the crock pot and in 20 minutes dinner was ready.  Fed the family and off to the baseball fields.  That was my favorite part of the day 🙂  It was COLD, I mean at one point I had my whole face wrapped with a blanket…you could only see my eyes.

JJ’s team played a great game today and they won.  I love me some baseball, especially if my little man is playing 🙂

That was day in a nutshell…hoping to catch up on some of the blogs I follow tomorrow 🙂

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