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There have been plenty of times when I felt unwelcomed and overwhelmed here is South Carolina. But, now… knowing that my days are numbered, I am starting to feel different emotions about the State. SC has great tourist areas; we managed to visit a few in our 8 years living in the state. Some of my favorite areas are Folly Beach, The Battery in Charleston and Greenville. I am always amazed by the ocean, so there is no surprise that I love Charleston. Although is a beautiful place, I would never live there…it’s too crowded for me.

In South Carolina, I met amazing people, people that I love and will treasure forever. For example, I met this crazy person, who I LOVE, who makes me smile on a daily basis. I am talking about my forever friend Shonda Anthony. We are like Bonny and Clyde…and I will leave it at that. Then I have Eva Cook, she has such a pure soul, you can help but love her. Eva’s family is also so awesome I will miss them all. Jessica Green another great gal I met while working at DSS that stole my heart, we are very different…but we click from the get go, we have so many stories together it’s impossible not to love her. My boss-lady Laradine, so calm and collected, perfect example of what a lady should be. I will miss her!

Then I have to move on to my Metso guys. First, let me explain a little. My husband has been working at Metso since 2002. Therefore, I know a lot of people there, and I like most of them. In 2012, after I lost my dream job, I worked at Metso for 8 months and I met some people that changed my life and will forever be in my heart. There are four guys: Pat, JB, Ken and Scott…they WILL ALWAYS…be my friends, no matter where I end.

Pat helped me understand that things happen for a reason, that WE may not understand the reason why, but God does…and we just have to accept it. Pat and I shared a lot of conversations about our respective children, baseball and life in general. His laughter is very contagious and you can help but smile when you hear him laugh…he is my buddy for life!

JB, oh I so love JB!!! With his weird sense of humor…he is such a smart man. JB always have a word of wisdom, when I was feeling down. He is such a hard- working man! JB will find a way to make you smile or better yet, laugh, when you least expect it. JB and I also share a great interested in good home-cook food.

Then, Scott…I don’t even know what to say about Scott. Scott is someone I love to cook for, he is always so appreciative of all the dishes I sent to Metso, and he ate all of it with a smile. Scott is funny to talk to; he is quiet and very observant. I consider Scott a true gentleman.

Ken, he is also a friend for life; he was always so good to my husband, a mentor, a true friend. I also met awesome ladies there, Grace Knight, Lynn Beaman, Theresa Smith, Shon, Mrs. Hinchee…and a couple of others. Metso will always be my family.

Then my LLR friends Kathy Meadows and Lynda Simmons…two ladies that definitively changed my life.

Last but not least is my sister Alma; I love her so much I wish I could take her and her family with me. Alma and I started our friendship when JJ was in Pre-K, and we have been friends ever since. We have share so many good times and sad times together…I will have to write a blog about only her…so stay tuned for this one.

South Carolina was good for my children. They both had excellent teachers, excellent coaches, and amazing friends. South Carolina also have a great weather, at least for me, obviously I do not like freezing temperatures so having a hot as hell summer, is right on my comfort zone. South Carolina is one of those states that gets to experience the 4 seasons, and that is pretty cool!

Many memories started in South Carolina…I will take all those memories with me wherever I go. I guess this mini blog is kind of a shout out to all those south Carolinians that accepted this Latina with open arms. I will miss all of you and I hope we can stay connected on Facebook.

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