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I love road tripping, there is something fascinating about getting in your vehicle, going for a drive and finding new cool places to explore.  When you have a family, road tripping can become a little pricey, specially when you have teenagers.  So, during my last road trip I got a little smart.  I packed a cooler with some ice and some small drinks, and I also had a bag with the teens favorite snacks.  It was my secret, they did not know about them goodies 🙂 .  When they started being uncomfortable about the ride, I offered them some snacks.  They grabbed the bag and soon realized that their favorite things were in the bag. 

As much as I hate planning things, getting ready for a road trip does require some planning.  I am all about keeping it comfortable during the ride. So I am sharing with you some of my favorite things to do to prep for the ride.

  1. Make sure you start your drive with a clean car. 
  2. Have your radio station set up with a variety of music to please your audience.
  3. Snacks, pack everybody favorite snack, I grab mine from the dollar store.
  4. Pack a small cooler with ice and some small drinks.
  5. Make sure you have a change of clothing, you never know what the weather is going to throw at you.
  6. Pack some bath tissue, paper towels and I like to carry a small towel.
  7. Take a small trash bag, you don’t want all the waste to end up in your car!
  8. Make sure you have outlined the places you want to see…don’t just go driving around like a dog chasing its tail.  Pick a couple of destinations and build the trip from there. Here is a link to road side American, keep it in your mobile device to help you locate attractions around your destination
  9. Get an app where you can track the cheapest gas near you . With gas buddy all you need is the zip code of the are where you are and it will provide the cheapest gas stations in that area. I am pretty sure there are plenty of apps to suit your needs.
  10. I am the flip-flop queen, through the years I have learned that packing a pair of sneakers is never a bad idea!
  11. Some small items I like to take with me, wherever I go, is a zip lock bag with some first aid items, such as band aids, triple antibiotic, Benadryl cream and pills, cold meds, bug spray and sunblock.
  12. Make sure you pack your camera with an extra battery and the battery charger.
  13. Take a phone charger.
  14. No matter what, make sure you have cash, some remote places only take cash.
  15. Having a small umbrella is also a good idea, or you can get some of those plastic ponchos they sell in the camping area and carry them inside your purse or back pack.  They are lightweight!  Why let a little rain interfere with the fun?

Those are some of the things I like to take with me when we go on a road trip.  Involve your children.  Make them responsible with part of the list. That is a good way of teaching them how to prepare for road trips.  If they are involved in the prepping they feel included and makes the trip more fun.

Last but not least, I have included some links from other bloggers with their road trip tips as well as checklists to make it a bit easy for you:

I hope you use some of the ideas I listed, they work for me, maybe the tips will make your next road trip more amazing.  What tips do you have? Please, do share, I am all about trying new things.

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