My Perfect Saturday

Saturday with mommy duties was not what I had in mind, but I actually enjoyed every minute of the day. I remember opening my eyes around 8:30 this morning, just to roll to the other side and slept until 10:30 when I heard some weird noise coming from the living room…it was my son playing his XBOX and using some undesired language. Just to avoid any drama…I politely and calmly asked him to stop using such language.

Oh well, I was already awake and I jumped up, cleaned the kitchen, started laundry, swept and mop the floors. Got Janie up, asked her if she wanted to go out with me and JJ…Janie replied no…and I asked her to clean her messy room and their bathroom. Janie was not happy, but she knew better than to argue.

JJ and I talked about having brunch at the Waffle House, or wherever JJ decided. So, after much thought, JJ decided to grab some fried chicken, you know we have the best friend chicken in the south, at Rush’s. Lunch was great with my boy. While driving to Rush’s I asked JJ if he was OK going with me to get groceries. JJ said no! I was like OK, no big deal. While eating at Rush’s I was able to convinced JJ to go grocery shopping with me, I mean we were across from Wal-Mart, so it made perfect sense to grab some goodies right then.


We ended up spending $245.00 in groceries…and it sucks!!!! But, I got enough stuff to cook a few dinners and for the kids lunch boxes…I decided to buy some beauty products for me and that hike-up the bill. J does not mind, he always tells me to get everything I need…so this time I listened to Mr. J.

Then we drove home, after talking about some not so comfortable subjects…both kids unload the car and Janie helped putting groceries away. Then laundry began, dinner, and now here I am writing this little blog. Nothing extra mega exciting happened. But to be able to spend time with my children, in a good mood, happy and content…made for a very exciting Saturday for me. How was your Saturday?

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