My obsession with photography

No, I am not a photographer…I have never receive any training in photography and I do not claim that my photos are great. I just love capturing a moment forever. I take lotssss of pictures everywhere I go. I love selfies, pictures of trees, anything bright, well plain and simple I just like to click away. Throughout the years, my husband has been catering to my photography adventures…he always make sure I have a good camera available…right now I have three cameras…and we all have smart phones (great taking picture device). So, looking at some of the pictures I have taken this past years, I decided to post some here, with an explanation as to why I snap the picture.



Sunset in Charleston, SC The color of the sun against the ocean dark blue, that is the reason for the photo
The never ending bridge
The never ending bridge It seems like you can walk for miles….
Oak Island, NC Peaceful…I was intrigued by the lonely beach
Winter in Nesbit, MS Naked trees always catch my eye
Waves in Puerto Rico The perfect white on top of the waves as they break…
At JFK tomb, Washington, DC He was my favorite President…we share the same birth day and month
Dress right dress…Folly Beach, SC Those birds were at peace enjoying the ocean


Vietnam Memorial, Washington, DC Because Freedom is not Free
Beautiful picture of the Washington Memorial.
Beautiful picture of the Washington Memorial. The monument, tall, strong….
Elvis Presley’s Piano, Memphis, TN Inside the Kings home..Graceland…beautiful
PR from the sky
Charleston, SC So much history…
Sunset in Arecibo, PR My home town…many memories
Church…somewhere in PR Typical catholic cathedral in the island….
Lajas, PR The contrast of the colors…blue and yellow
IMG_3732 - Copy
Sunset in Folly Beach, SC That orange color…
Cabo Rojo, PR Untouched….
Cabo Rojo, PR Locals…
My backyard Blizzard…
Iguana, Combate, PR Memories with my son…
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