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No baseball pitcher would be worth a darn without a catcher who could handle the fastball.

Finally, although is raining in my neck of the woods…we are playing baseball this weekend.  It’s an hour away, and we have three games scheduled on Saturday, so my AWESOME husband book a hotel for us.

Run hard.  Turn Left.  Baseball quote.

Super excited to see my boy back on third base, he will be catching and pitching as well.  It is so amazing that the boy can play it all.  Pitching is his new gig, he is not THE BEST…YET…but he is getting sooo good.  The boy has so much power in that arm!!! Super excited to see what he gets done with his team this weekend.

Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others.

It is a wonderful feeling when you get to see your son accepting and understanding the things he needs to do to improve his game.  How awesome it is to see him taking care of his body.  How awesome it is to see him facing his demons, and accepting his struggles.  It is awesome, because at the end, you know, he will become not only a better player…but a great man.

Some words of wisdom from John Heisman. There are some current athletes who are in dire need of listening to these words.

And my boy learned that the hard way…but he learned.

My all time favorite quote by one of my all time favorite ball players.

There is always room to improve your game.

Let’s play ball……

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