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I know I write a lot about my kids, but to be honest, that is all it is in my life…my children.  It so happen that the boy is the one that is active playing baseball, while the girl stays busy with her techno world and her books. 

Baseball season begins this coming weekend, and I am so excited!!!!  I am also a little worried because the weatherman is announcing another round of winter weather, heading our way… I am so tired of all the snow, ice, and cold weather in general.

Last Friday, JJ received his new jerseys…and we were all excited…granted they were a LOT more pricey that what we expected…but once again, my hubby was able to cover all the expenses (as the only one with an income). I love that the primary color is red, because that reminds us of our previous beloved baseball team “The Red Hill Rattlers”.  We love The Rattlers, but they are in SC, so now we play ball with The Collierville Crush Baseball…and again, is just a bunch of amazing kids and parents who are trying very hard to develop the children to the best of their abilities. 

We are scheduled to play Saturday at 8:30…and the park is an hour away…so, we have to get up super early to be at the field at 7:30.  I cannot wait to see the boys have fun, they have been practicing so hard….I hope it makes them happy, regardless of the outcome of the game.

My boy is ready, he is physically strong, and he brings a lot to the team.  We have some good pitching and the kids all get along great. So, wish them luck….and let’s play ball.

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