My Lazy Thursday

My Lazy Thursday


As I sit here, after a wonderful dinner, I can’t help but smile.  Jason and I decided to take the kids to Washington, DC for a couple of days as part of their Spring Break.  We decided to go during the weekend, that way we (the kids and I) could have a few days off before going back to the weekly routine.  Jason went back to work yesterday; for a couple of hours, and the kids and I stayed home and pretty much did nothing 🙂

This morning, before Jason left to work, he told me to make sure that the kids would go out of the house, to play outside and stuff.  Well, I got caught up on a twitter party, and when I decided to look at the clock, it was 2:30PM already.  Thinking about Jason’s comment before going to work, I asked JJ to go with me to the local carwash.  JJ agreed, and we took off.  Well, my car was soooo dirty; I decided to pay for the ultimate carwash. After the so-called carwash, I got out of my car, to get the vacuuming going, I look at my white car…and it was just as dirty as it was before I ran it through the carwash.

JJ and I vacuumed the car. Then I look at JJ and said; “JJ, I think we need to actually wash the car ourselves”.  So, we drove the car next to the “carwash” and I stared at all the buttons’ and knobs, read instructions, until I got it all figured out.  We washed the car, still not as good as I wanted too, and then we drove to the store. As I am driving to the store, I wonder how in the heck all those bug guts got slammed against my beautiful car…and I scrubbed and scrubbed and still there are some bug guts splatters in some areas of my car.

Got home, cook dinner, we ate and now I sit in my corner to watch TV and browse the net.  I look up, and I smile 🙂  It feels so good to be away from DSS.  Yes, I start my on-call week tomorrow, and that always bring stress.  But, I am blessed! I have two wonderful kids, who adore me; I have a great husband that is definitely my better half. We are all healthy, and we all have learned to respect each other space (well, almost all of us, cause JJ is always on his own little world).  I decided to skip baseball practice, because I think that Jason and JJ could enjoy their alone-man time.  And also, because I just want to continue being lazy for a little longer.

Life is about making oneself happy, then, we can make others happy.  Happiness is something that comes out of nowhere, it can’t be forced, is a natural thing.  Making people happy, expecting them to do something nice for you in return, is not the way to be.  Make yourself HAPPY…then the rest will fall into place.


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