My honey called me “sassy” today

Today is all about being me…that is how I woke-up this AM…loving me 🙂 

Currently…work is a little slow, so I decided to write a little. 

Mood: Sassy and silly over here!!! Feeling pretty good today. Accomplished some things this morning, before coming to work. Made up with my teenager girl, after a crazy start to our day. So, I am all smiles now.

Pending: Waiting for our branch meeting.

Hoping: That this weekend is not too hot or cold!!! We have another baseball tournament and I enjoy them more when the temperature is right. Also hoping that JJ can transition to the AAA team permanently, currently he is playing with both groups…and although he loves to play, I know he wants to be with the AAA for good.

Cooking: Tonight it will be some thick and juicy pork chops with…who knows what else…maybe some rice and beans, or potatoes and other veggies.

Expecting: Some news (hope good) this coming Friday.

Thinking: About possibly visiting some friends in SC…but debating when, because I have to travel to Puerto Rico in January for a wedding…so, we’ll see.  There are a couple of people I MUST SEE in SC.

Mad about: Big Brother, I cannot believe that Vanessa got rid of Austin!!!1 So mad…

Wishing: For some peace between my daughter and I.

Craving: Nothing really!

Wearing: Jeans, sandals, long sleeve shirt and a vest…very hippy looking today.

Ready for: More laughter in my life.

Missing: South Carolina, who knows maybe I’ll move back!!!!

That sums it all for me…. 

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