My Friday in a nutshell

I love to shop.  Shopping online, going shopping at the mall, outlet malls, thrift stores, except grocery stores (don't like that), garage sales, shopping, shopping.  Love it.

Today was the first time, in a long time, that I had a couple of hours for myself.  No rush, just pretty much doing whatever I pleased.  Needless to say, that I went shopping!  

First stop was The Academy.  I was looking for a cold weather undergarment for my son, who is playing baseball this weekend and the temperature is supposed to be in the 25-30’s in the morning.  His first game is at 9:30AM, so we are preparing for that.  Enter to win a $500 gift card to Academy Sports & Outdoors to help make you the ultimate tailgate fan!

After the Academy I drove to Ross, I always like to see what Christmas decorations they have.  There, I got Janie a new pair of jeans and a pair of gloves.  I then got me some comfy socks,  a pair of gloves and a vest. JJ also scored some long sleeve shirts.  The boy keeps getting taller and his arms longer, so he needed some additional clothes.

Ross Dress For Less, my mother and i could spend hours in here! one of our favorite places to shop! #iheartgateway

I was still in shopping mode, so  I decided to stop at Target. Now, Target always carry this comfy long sleeve shirts that are perfect for layering. I got my like 5 shirts, all pretty colors, then I got a pair of jeans, and some household items.

How Target figured out before her father that a teen girl was pregnant. This story instantly became a marketing classic.

I called it a day and drove home. On the way home, I remembered that one of the kids friends was spending the night, so I stop at the Red Box, got three movies and headed home.  Shorty after the kids got home from school, got their goodies and they were happy to start their weekend.

That was my Friday!  A lovely one! I guess, that I can get use to been a stay at home mom 🙂 

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