My Feminist

Reminds me of him singing to me in the kitchen earlier tonight.."she's the thrill of a lifetime.." :):

Imagine having a 14-year old, who is the sweetest, smartest, moody, feminist, etc… daughter…yes, that is my daughter…and she is so many, many more things. She has layers and layers of colors, with all sort of shades.  She believes in justice for all, she believes in freedom of speech, she believes that people should do whatever makes them happy regardless of society’s rules.

Last night, after having dinner, we started having some conversations about politics, and other tough subjects. It was so enlightening! To see my daughter’s facial expressions, to hear her passion, to see her compassion, to see her actually listening, truly interested in the conversation. To see her listening to her father and I having an amicable debate/argument about our very different opinions. It’s so amazing how much you can learn from your child by observing him/her during those engagements.

From last night’s experience I was able to confirm that my daughter has been blessed with a very powerful brain, that her analyzing skills are very impressive, that she has a fire in her for “justice for all”, she struggles with stupidity and with people who are not at her level of intelligence. She has a heart that goes out to young children, and to less fortunate people. Although she does not admit it, we, her family, means everything to her.

Often times our newly teenagers, try to portray themselves as this tough bad ass person, when they do that, they cause havoc, it affects every member of the family. Now, that my 14-year old is calmer, I can see and feel everything coming back in full circle. Now, our communication is 100%, our tolerance for one and other it’s spectacular, our desire to help each other is always there, the respect and admiration we have for each other never changed.

To all the mothers out there who at one point or another struggle with teenager hood…just know…that the good times will come back…as long as you do not give up, as long as your love is untamed, as long as you learn to listen and to allow your child to spread their wings…it will get better.

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