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Well, today I missed work.  You see, yesterday the power went off at 5:47PM.  Believe it or not, that minor detail derailed my day.  I waited and waited for the power to come back…it did not happen until 2:30AM.  Needless to say that I stayed awake all night making sure the kids were warm.  At 2:45 I went to bed, fell asleep FAST…well, the alarm clock went off at 5:30 and I got up.

The day started at 5:30…got the kids up, started making lunch boxes, breakfast including hot cocoa (the house still felt somewhat cold)…and by 6:18 I was watching my kids get in the school bus.  The next few minutes defined the rest of the day.  Should I get ready to go to work or should I lay down a few more minutes?  Should I call in? Well, maybe I can go in late –since I had to take JJ to an appointment.

Well, I called in. I lie back down…and guess what….I woke up at 12:30 (giggles)…I was so well-rested!

Made me think about the chances that I’ve had to be a stay at home mom. All the advantages that would bring to our lifestyle, when you think about it…I mean dinner would always be ready when Jason and the kids come home from work, all the laundry would be done, the house would be always clean…it doesn’t get any better than that!!!! Nah…I like to work.

I like to work, it keeps my mind busy.  It makes me feel like I contribute to the household, although very minimum with a DSS salary, and that makes me feel that I did listen to my father.  I know I can take care of myself and my children in the event that something happens to Jay.

After JJ’s appointment, I came home, rush to make some rice, fried chicken and beans….and we sat together.  We eat dinner together…it brings the family together, stronger.  After dinner, it was time to clean the kitchen, load of laundry, clean the litter box…then Janie reminds me that she needs to get a new binder for school.  So, I figure, I have to take a movie to the Red Box.  So, the Red Box is next door to the Dollar General…maybe I can find the binder there.  We go in…no 3-inch binder L

Off we drive to Target and $55 later, we got the binder, a pair of shoes for Janie, a set of earrings and necklace for Janie and one for her friend cause if her friend’s birthday…Oh well, all for the sake of making my Janie smile.

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