My childhood friends

Girls Friends drawing, illustration/ Amiche, disegno, illustrazione - Art by #Inslee Haynes

I am so blessed to have the most amazing childhood friends.  I met this ladies when I was in 6th grade. Here we are in 2015…and our friendship is as strong as ever.  We all chose different paths…and we are all happy and loving life.

There are so many memories I share with this group of ladies.  For starters…Yelitza Alvarez…Oh Lord, we shared so many experiences together.  We travel the island left and right in our early 20’s, we party, we spend numerous hours at the beach, we fell in love hard, got our hearts broken, then we fell in love again…and we are happily married and have beautiful children.  This gal is my confidant, I can talk to her about everything and anything…I know she got my back. Yelitza is like a sister to me, she is my sister, and I love her to pieces. Yelitza is in PR, she posts the most amazing pictures of the beaches in PR.

Then we have Roses…she was the eccentric one, always laughing, smart as smart can be, strong, independent, amazing woman.  We became friends in 6th grade, we have always manage to stay in touch. She went away to complete her studies in Medicine and now she is a very successful doctor.  Roses is rocking the hospitals back in the island. She was blessed with an amazing brain, her parents raised her with the utmost work ethics and self-respect.  Roses is another sister to me. We rekindle, thanks to FB, and there is no stopping us now.  She will always have a piece of my heart. I love you girl!!!!

Now, let’s talk about Brenda Roman.  Brenda…wow…this girl was the skinniest girl I have ever seen, I was always so jealous of her fingernails, she has always being and continue to be a gorgeous girl.  We spent numerous hours playing volleyball in school. We laughed and giggled. After school, we lost track of each other, then FB happened. I found her on FB…and the rest is history. We pick up right where we left…a true friendship that will last a lifetime.  We are sister, we love our kids, we talk a lot…and I think is safe to say…we are the cooks of the bunch (lol). Brenda is married to one of our childhood friends, Carlos, and they are the most beautiful couple I have ever seen. They have a baby boy, that I cannot wait to squeeze and kiss all over.  They live in NY, so we are planning to meet in my home, sometime this summer.

Itzel…an excellent human being.  Itzel has always been the quiet one, nonetheless, she does have an opinion about life.  She is a very respectful lady, married to another one of our childhood friends, and mother of three amazing kids. After working for the Dept of Education, Itzel made the decision to stay at home caring for her youngest child. One of the many sacrifices we, as mothers, have to make sometimes.  Itzel has an amazing family in PR, who loves her a cherish her.

There is also Vanessa Saavedra, Evelyn Juarbe, Sylmarie, and a couple of others that I consider very special…and are also part of this Latinas sisterhood.  More to come at a later time.

We all have more than one thing in common, but what set us apart, is the greatness of our hearts.  We have the same values, we believe in God, we know right from wrong, we do not judge others, we accept people for who they are.  We are the most fierce mothers and aunts…no body messes with our children.  We have long stories to tell..we need to get together…we need to plan a huge reunion…I know it will be one filled with laughter, tears, and joy.  This is the sisterhood of Latinas…we love each other so much…we will always be there for each other, no matter what!!!!


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