My ABC’s

A- Age: 41 (at least for another 13 days).

B- Best Day Ever: July 14, 2001 becoming a mother for the first time.

C- Chore You Hate:  All of them, but vacuuming I hate the most.

D- Drink of Choice: Coffee.

E- Easiest Person to Talk to: I have to say that talking to my husband is pretty easy.

F- Favorite Color: Purple/Fuchsia.

G- Gent: My father for sure.

H- Hobby: Reading, Writing and Traveling.

I- Ice Cream Flavored of Choice: Vanilla.

J- Job: Currently Stay at Home Mom.

K- Kindest Person You Know: My husband.

L- Loving: My children, more and more every day.

M- Music: Love country music.

N- Nickname: Yary

O- One Wish: At this moment I am wishing for a fulfilling job the next time I am looking for one.

P- Person You Talk to on the Phone Last: My husband.

Q- Question You Are Always Ask: Where are you from?

R- Reason to Smile: Life

S- Season of Choice: Summer and Fall.

T- Time You Woke Up: 6:34AM.

U- University I Went to: Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Arecibo.

V- Vacation Destination: Anywhere Ocean Front.

W- Worst Habit: Saying What I am Thinking.

X- XRays: Chest

Y- Your Favorite Food- Mexican and Asian

Z- Zoo Animal: Elephants


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