Moving Update

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Moving Update….

Well, movers are schedule to come on the 15 and 16 of this month.  Meaning that the kids and I will be without our goodies for a whooping three days.  Now, how do I survive being stuck in an empty house -I guess that is a good topic for another blog-

The days are ending faster for us, and the kids and I are feeling a little overwhelm and sad about leaving.  We’ve been in SC since 2006, and the kids have developed, strong friendships.  You have to also think about all the stress they are going to deal with, starting at a new school in January.  I can only pray that we raised them strong enough to adapt to uncomfortable situations.

I packed some stuff…just because I was cleaning and I decided to toss stuff away and then I packed what was left…but there is still so much to pack!  Then we have the stress of moving all the cats…yes the cats!!! The cats are the main reason I have to stay in SC until after December 18 (closing on the new house).  J has to come back to town just to transport the cats to the new house.  Our cats do not like to travel!!!!  That is some added stress to this moving adventure.

I know once we are in the new house, all the stress will start to go away…I also knew, that for me, this last few days will be the most stressful ones.

I am also a little sad that I did not get to say goodbye to some friends…but I also know that those friends will always be friends…and you know, there is always Facebook 🙂

The next few days will be dedicated to dental appointments, Christmas parties, and more cleaning in the house….that is whats happening in my neck of the woods.  What are you up to this Wednesday?


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