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Praise, Hope and Trust in our Lord Jesus! God is everything, never forget about it! THANK HIM FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IN THIS WORLD! FAMILY, FRIENDS, A HOME... JUST EVERYTHING..

And the countdown continues…T-12…In 12 days I will be moving to another state…and the closer that it gets to that day…the stressful I get.  No point in mentioning how sad I am getting 🙁

I think that this move, by far, has been the hardest decision my hubby and I have made in quite some time.  I left it in God’s hands….because at the end of the day, HE knows what is best for our family.  Knowing that an opportunity like this does not come often, that it could benefit my husband’s career, that brings a financial relief…the idea of been able to pay for our kids education….I mean come on.

So, this weekend, was JJ’s baseball team Christmas party and he had a meltdown.  He reminded me of how he is not OK with the move.  As a mom it’s frustrating when, out of nowhere, you children question your decisions.  It is frustrating because the child has not reach that level of understanding, so, it does not matter how you explain the “why’s” of the decision…he will never accept nor understand…at least not now.

I will not be leaving until the 20th (unless my hubby can make something happen on his end), yet, the moving company is coming to gather all of our belonging on the 16th.  That leaves a whooping 4 days without the things the kids and I are used to.  I think that is my current stress right now, trying to figure out how to keep the children and I entertained.  Not to mention the food situation, I mean eating out can add up…and I do not like nor do I enjoy eating out that much.  But, I will make the best out of the situation.

We leave on the 20th; however, the moving company is not delivering our things until the 23rd…So yeah, I think my kids are going to be super stress-out, which will make mom and dad…stressed-out as well.  Well, hope for the best…that is all we can do at this time. 

The Realtor is coming on the 19th to get a key from my current home, that way she can set up the lock key box…and finally put our home in the market.  My hope is that the house sells…there are a couple of homes, close by, that are also for sale…but ours is a bit bigger…so I am hoping that our home sells quickly.  I have a dear friend who is going to be doing all the cleaning 🙂  and she will also keep an eye for possible buyers.

Once in MS…my number 1 priority is to find JJ a baseball team, and to find Janie some dance and piano lessons.  Once they know that they have their favorite things scheduled, their stress level will begin to settle.  After that, I will enroll them in school, and then to work on unpacking and turning the new house into a home.

That is the latest on my new adventure, our move to Mississippi…

Stay tuned…

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