Moving Back to South Carolina

Palmetto Moon - Charleston South Carolina SC. The Palmetto tree is the most recognized and beloved symbol of our state.:

Ha! I got the last laugh!  Yes, you read that right, I am moving back to South Carolina.  Super thrilled about the move, we are trying to buy a house as I write, the idea was to wait for the kids to finish the school semester in Mississippi, but, we are going for it.  We will move as soon as the house is ours.  We have one house that fell in love with, quite pricey, so we are waiting to see if that is the house for us.  Otherwise, I have two additional houses I really like, so the options are there.

We are moving to the same area we once lived at, and I am excited about seeing my friends and my children’s friends.  After traveling all over, and living in many places, I determined that South Carolina is home.  Don’t get me wrong, I will always be an island girl and Puerto Rico will always be my heart.  We love SC because we are so close to the beach and the North Carolina mountains. Chimney Rock is a place I love, and to think that I will be able to go visit as much as I want, its priceless.

Obviously, there are plenty of stress with moving.  Having to sell the house in MS, buying a new house, getting rid of stuff, buy new stuff, finding a job, making sure I get all the medical records from one place to another, etc.  But, like I told my hubs, this will be it.  SC will be my forever home, not to say that we will go wherever the job takes us, but, whatever house we buy, we won’t sell. Excited, stressed-out, happy and sad, I mean the whole ordeal again.

I am only sad because I did meet amazing people while in MS.  I hate separating my girl from her lovely friends.  I will miss some of the people I worked with, but they know that they have a place to stay in SC if they venture that way. I am a people’s person, I like making friends, and keeping those friends close. So, I know I will see my Candance and Tinisha again. I also know, that my girl will stay in touch with her crew. JJ is super excited about it, he cannot wait to hang out with his childhood friends, that itself, makes it all worth it.

Well, that is what’s happening in our home. Total chaos for the next few months!!!


Latin Mama in the South


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