Mississippi Snow

It Snowed for HOURS!!!  I just want to share some of the pictures I took yesterday from my neighborhood as it snowed.

  • My beautiful home

  • Trees in my backyard

  • View from the front of the house

  • JJ’s basketball goal

  • Our neighborhood

  • I was enjoying the snow flakes


  • That is a view from our backyard, mind you that is not our horse, he is a neighbor’s horse…we named the horse Charlie.  I was upset to see Charlie exposed to the snow, but he seemed to enjoy it!

  • My children and I….we like to see the snow fall, but neither of us like the cold temperatures or the mess that takes place when the snow starts to melt.  

It snowed, OK, we are dealing with it.  I am looking forward to Spring and Summer…but in the mean time, instead of being grouchy and grumpy, let’s embrace what mother nature give us.


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