Mississippi Day 1


Well, my husband decided to take a job in Mississippi.  At first I was hesitant, because Mississippi is ranked #1 in unemployment. So, of course I fear that I will not be able to find a job, I fear that the kids will struggle adjusting to a new environment, I fear that I will not be accepted for being Hispanic, I mean I am facing all the fears people have when they move to a new place.

I am glad my husband accepted the job, because it is a big career move for him, not only he has the opportunity to challenge himself, he also will be able to save $ for our children’s education.  When we first decided to move from NC to SC, I knew that I was giving up on my professional dreams to follow his. So, following to Mississippi is a no brainer.

He is now the Plant Manager at Metso Clarksdale.  Clarksdale is a small town, home of the blues, is a town forgiven by many.  I agree to move, as long as we live away from Clarksdale. Sadly, Clarksdale’s schools are not the best.  We decided to move to DeSoto County, to Hernando to be exact….or maybe Southaven.  Both places are very close to Memphis, TN, and J and I feel that I will have a better chance at getting a job if I am closed to TN.

Today, J started his drive to MS…about 10 hours…and tomorrow he will start his new routine. The kids and I are still in SC.  We decided that the kids will finish this school semester at their current school, and starting the New Year, they will be in the new school (if J finds a good house). I will work until November 12, and then I will be a stay-at-home mom, until God decides to bless me with a new job.  J asked me to stay home, he stated that during his last week in SC, he missed not having a house wife (because I was working) and that he would love for me to try that out.  Well, I am flattered, but…I will work…it may take me some time to find the ideal job…but I will find one.

My house is a wreck, although we have a moving company moving our stuff…I do not want strangers to touch our stuff, and besides I want to take things cleans into the new home, throw away the stuff that we do not use, you know the typical stuff you do when you move.  I want to try to live with minimum things.  The more stuff you have, the bigger the messes!

So far, I’ve pack a few boxes, and brought some stuff down from the attic (now seating everywhere in the house). We also made plenty of trips to the dumpster and the goodwill.  I still have to go through my clothes…shoes…etc it’s a lot to do!!!

Well, that is my little update in regards with the move…missing my J already, hoping that he is blown away with a house soon…that we can make an offer…and that we can sell our house in SC…a lot to do….very stressful times ahead.  I keep telling J that as long as we communicate, remain positive and work together, we’ll be fine….the 4 of us are unstoppable when we are in it together. 🙂 We are a family that sticks together.


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