Missing the BIG BLUE

#Adamo a true oceanholic! #Adamo #JustALifeStyle Inspired by the Ocean and Resort Life:

I am truly in love with the ocean…the beautiful color, the smell, the sounds of the waves as they come to shore…born in an island maybe the reason why I find that the ocean is my happy place.

Is days like today when I miss it the most…it’s rainy, cloudy and windy in the Mississippi/Tennessee area.  I was browsing the net and I came across some pictures some wonderful people shared of the ocean. That made me smile, not a happy radiant smile, just a melancholic kind of smile.

You know how sometimes you wish for certain things…I wish I could find myself living in the coast somewhere…don’t really care where…just close enough to the ocean. It’s amazing how we take for granted the things we once had.  I lived in Puerto Rico for 25 years, the ocean was the norm, so I did go enough, I enjoyed it. But, now that I am older…I can actually appreciate its beauty and its amazing strength.

Maybe one day…there is always hope…maybe one day I’ll be able to call it home…AGAIN.

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