The child that claims to “hate” you is the one that will turn out just like you. I finally realized, that my gorgeous daughter is just like me 

I remember how much she hated my hair. She hated my curls, she told me often times that my hair was freeze. This week I sat back, and secretly smile, because now she loves her long curly hair.

She claims that she is nothing like her mom, but today, as I watched her bake cupcakes for her class…I could not help but think…that is just me baking for my Metso guys 

She is stubborn, she is mean, she is sweet, she is smart, she is quiet, she is outspoken, and she is the best child I could have ever had. We fight, we argue, we bump heads more times than not, but we also understand each other, we know our limits, we push only so far!

My little girl, not so little anymore, who in less than two months will turn 13 years old, the one who kept me up at night, the one who talked my ears off, the one who is a loner, but always come to me when she needs to talk.

My little girl Janie, my pride and joy, she is just a mini me…and I am loving it so much 

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