Meet my Mama


That lady in between my kids, is my mom, she is beautiful and kind.  We are so happy that she came to visit for a couple of weeks.  Last night she had the opportunity to watched her grandson play baseball for the 1st time.  Creatine memories, that’s whats all about!



I know the kids are happy to have her, they worry about the cold weather…I mean she just came from PR and to deal with a 55 degree weather…hello…it was super cold for us, I can only imagine how cold she felt during those two baseball games.


We tried to bundle her up, but still, the wind and the cold was felt through all those layers of clothing.  Nonetheless, she did not want to leave.  The idea was for her to watch the 1st game and to go home during the 2nd game.  Well, the boy did not play during the 1st game, so she decided to stay and watch him play during the second game.



I was concerned about dinner, after all, we stayed at the fields passed 10PM…so, we decide to stop at the Waffle House, we ate, then went home and crashed!!! Abuelita had a good time, although she was out of the house at odd hours, and it was cold, she was happy.  We were all happy, we are thrilled to have her with us.


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