Meet my dad…my HERO


Jose Orlando Pitre was his name.  He was a very strong and stubborn individual.  My father, my hero!  He worked all his life, he served in the military, he married his school sweetheart and he have three children.  I was the only girl 🙂

My father thought me that I did not need anyone to conquer my dreams.  My father thought me that with hard work, good ethics, honesty and faith…I could do anything.  He was my best friend. He was always by my side.  We laughed, we fought and then we laughed again. He was always there for me.  He cried when my heart was broken for the first time. He celebrated all my successes like if they were his own. He giggled with my crazy adventures. And believe it or not, he loved how outspoken I was, how loud and crazy I was.  He admire everything I did…he lived my many experiences in life with me.

I broke his heart in 1999 when I told him that I enlisted in the US ARMY. He couldn’t believe it…he thought I was messing with him…up until I told him that I was leaving the island in  a month.  Then he got all serious, and he said OK…just make the best out of it.  I will miss you!

The day that I said goodbye…his voice broke…he was not strong anymore, he was weak, he hugged me and told me that he loved me.  He told me that he was proud, that he would be there with me all the way.  He cried, we cried together…then we laughed and I left.

I remember that when I was able to make that 1st call from basic training, I called my dad, he screamed my name. He was so excited!!!!  We talked for a few minutes, he asked me if I could hear the “coqui” (small frog typical from the island that make a particular noise at night) singing outside. I told him I could not hear the coqui, then he placed the phone close to the window and I was able to hear the coqui…tears rolled down…my dad was so special.

In 2003 I received a call from my, then, sister in law Jessy.  She told me that my dad was in the hospital.  I asked her what was wrong with him.  She just told me that if she was his daughter she would rush to his side.  The next morning I was on my way to PR.  My aunt picked me up at the airport.  She took me directly to the hospital.  I walked to the room, excited because I was going to see daddy.  I screamed…as soon as I saw him…I stepped back…I ran back towards were I came from.  I collapse on the floor and started to cry.  My father was so skinny and his skin had the look of ash…I knew that it was not good.

My aunt calm me down, I wiped my tears, put a smile on my face…and I entered the room.  My father’s eyes lit up. He was so excited to see me…he asked about my babies…then he look at me in the eye…and asked me…if I was there because he was in the hospital.  He said that he just had some stomach virus and that the doctors were taking care of him.  I smiled and I hugged him, I told him that I miss him and that I wanted to see him.

My father lasted 38 days after that day.  He had cancer. It had spread all over his body. There was nothing they could do.  It was very painful. He could not eat or drink anything.  They fed him trough a tube on his nose, and then they drained his stomach…my father died…on December 14, 2003.  It was my mother’s birthday…he died at the Veteran’s Hospital in PR.  He died alone.  My mother was spending every night with him, but that particular day she decided to return to the house because she wanted to go to church to dedicate that mass to my father. After mass, she started driving to the hospital with my brothers.  They arrived at the hospital and they could not find my dad…he was gone.

Although I know I was a GREAT daughter to my father. I hate that he left, I try not to think of him, because I hate that he is not with me.  I miss him so much that it hurts…it makes me mad that he can be here. It makes me mad that I cannot pick up the phone to ask for his advice, that I don’t get flowers from him on Valentine’s Day, that I cant seat on his lap and cry on his shoulder when I am sad. I miss him!

My dad was the best father a daughter could have. He raised me good. He was my hero.  I loved my dad. I hope that I go to heaven and I sure hope that I can be reunited with him. There are so many things I want to tell him…..

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