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Janie came home, a week ago, talking about a book she wanted to read.  She mentioned that her English teacher just read it and recommend it to the students.  So, like I always do when my girl wants to read a book, I drove to the bookstore and got her the book.  She read it within hours!!!  The one thing that got my attention is that she was crying from beginning to end…and I was concerned about.  So, as soon as she finished the book, I grabbed it and start it reading it myself.  I did not really cry till the end, and my tears were tears of sorrow and anger.

“Masterful…A heartbreaker in the best sense…Me Before You is achingly hard to read at moments, and yet such a joy.”-New York Daily News

“Funny, surprising, and heartbreaking, populated with characters who are affecting and amusing…a thought-provoking, thoroughly entertaining novel that captures the complexity of love.”  -People

Yes, is the most beautiful and tragic love story I have read in a while.  It was romantic and heartbreaking.  When I finished the book I was angry because I did not want to understand the ending, I wanted a different ending although the ending of the book was perfect.  The main male character is a quadriplegic, and in reading about all the things that happened to him, and how he overcame ad fought for a while, made me want to learn more about quadriplegic. 

After I read the book, I started surfing the internet looking for advances in technology, medical miracles so to speak; I wanted to see if we, as Society, were doing anything to improve the quality of life of quadriplegic.  To my surprise, yes, there are such an amazing group of human

beings working on designing and building different contraptions to better their quality of life.

The book, talks about a simple girl, Lou, in a not so simple world, facing the odds the best she can…then Will comes into play…and her world is turned up side down.  She falls in love…it seems that he does too…but…he had other plans…and everyone around him is left out of it…all they can do is accept and be there…not an easy thing to do when you are madly in love.

I would recommend this book to all those avid readers out there.  A different kind of romance, a very touching story, it will bring you to a halt…it will make you think about where you are…and what you want in life.

” It’s not a matter of giving you a chance.  I’ve watched you these six months becoming a whole different person, someone who is only just beginning to see her possibilities.  You have no idea how happy that has made me.  I don’t want you to be tied to me, to my hospital appointments, to the restrictions, to the restrictions on my life.  I don’t want you to miss out on all the things someone else could give you.  And, selfishly, I don’t want you to look at me one day and feel even the tiniest bit of regret or pity that-”    Will


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