May Goals


I am setting some personal short-term goals for the month of May and I decided to share them, as a matter of accountability.

Goal 1: Drop 5 pounds, that’s it, just five.

Goal 2: Organize one corner of my garage.

Goal 3: Make a new recipe for dinner at least once a week.

Goal 4: Keep fresh fruits available in the fridge/fruit basket at all times.

Goal 5: Write two posts every day.

Goal 6: Read and leave comments on other blogs at least twice a day.

Goal 7: Clean/organize my husbands drawers.

Goal 8: Read a new book.

Goal 9: Water my vegetables at least once every day!!!

Goal 10: Take off my pajamas every day when I wake up!!!

Pretty simple goals, I just hope I can achieve them all. Will let you know in June!!! Do you have any personal goals…we can keep each other accountable, let’s connect.

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