Manic Monday 4.27.15

Dang, what a Monday!!!  It started out pretty normal, rushing out of bed to get the children up to get ready for school and work.  By the time I got out of the bed, my husband was already in the shower.  I walked into my closet, got dressed and come back to find my husband stiffed in bed, with a facial expression I have never seen before.

I have seen my husband deal with pain, I mean he had an emergency appendectomy years ago, and that was very painful. However, yesterday morning…the look on his face…literally took my breath away (not in a good way). I was afraid to ask…but finally I did…he look at me…and said…”my back”.  

I was already dressed to go to work, and he finally said…he needed to get to a doctor. Well, that was coming out of the mouth of a man who never visits a doctor.  I was puzzled, first, because we had just move to Mississippi.  We do not have nor do we know any primary care doctors. I wanted to take him to the ER, but he said no.  I recalled an Urgent Care I had seen on one of the main roads in MS.  So, I told him to get dressed, that I was going to drop the kids off at school, then come get him to go to the Urgent Care.

I come back from taking the kids to school, and I find my husband half-dressed. I realized, he could not move, his back was literally locked!  The shooting pain going through the front and back of his legs did not allow him to function normal.  Of course, being the independent, macho man, he is…he did not want help. Finally we managed to get out of the house, by know it was 10AM. Mind you that while all his pain was happening, he needed to update his cell phone because his employer was switching from Lotus to Outlook (I think that’s what it was), on top of that, he  did not have his laptop with him which was another problem….

We get to the doctor…and come to find out…it is, by far, the nastiest medical facility I have ever seen.  To make a long story short, we got to the doctor around 10:15 and we did not leave until 12:30…and trust me, it was not because of the “excellent” care they provided. So, we leave, go to the pharmacy and got his meds (the doctor also gave him a shot)…and then we headed to Clarksdale to pick up his laptop.  I offered to go by myself, but with all the transition to new email program, he needed to do some stuff from the office. So, we drove 1 hour and 15 minutes (one way) got his laptop then headed back home.

By now, the pain was even worse, getting in and out of the car was a near impossible task.  Very heart breaking I may add 🙁

We got home at 4PM…I dropped him off, then got JJ to baseball practice…I did not make it back home till 9PM.  I was worn out…and sad…and frustrated…there are so many small things you have to take care of, when your significant other is hurt.  Of course, you want to do it, and you want to do those things right, so that add stress to the situation. Needless to say, he stayed up all night, and I did the same.

Having a new job, and having already missing one day…I was super frustrated and tired…I know this sounds awful…to some…but I cannot stand missing work or been late!!! The meds were not working, so our only option was to go to the ER. Morning came and I asked him if he wanted to go to the ER. He said no. He said that he wanted to give the meds more time to work. I left to work.  While at work, you can help but been worried. Did I do the right thing? Should I’ve done more to convince him to go to the ER? Should I go back home to care for him?  He called the stupid doctor and was told that the meds take some time to work.  He also increased the dosage and after a while he felt some sort of relief.  He kept me updated with how he was feeling, and he was able to walk some. 

Here we are day #2 and 9PM…he is finally sleeping…and while I write this…he cough…and just like that, his misery returns. He is able to go back to sleep, but I can’t help but wonder how much longer is he going to have to deal with such pain.  I have no tolerance for pain, and it breaks my heart to see him hurt like that.  I wish I could take his pain away. He is such a great guy….he also hates to miss work…important people is coming to his work place tomorrow…and as the Manager…he should be there, he wants to be there…I just hope he wakes up in the AM pain-free…

Now that I finished typing away my frustration and sadness…I guess, I feel a little better.  So, if you read this, say a little prayer for my husband…Thanks!


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