Lovely Outing with my CREW

This past weekend we were able to venture out. The weather was nice enough, that we decided to go fishing.  We decided for Arkabutla Lake in Hernando, MS. My husband, son and I love to go fishing…the daughter…well, not so much…or I should say…not AT ALL. But, after being cooped up inside the house for so long, thanks to the crazy winter weather, I did not give anybody any options.  I said, let’s go…and that included everybody.

The lake is beautiful…I can only imagine how wonderful it has to be during Spring.  We found a couple of spots to fish. J and JJ had some good-quality father-son time.  I did my own thing, like I always do, and yes…I was the 1st one to catch a fish.

I ended up catching only two fish, while my honey caught the biggest one who happened to be a catfish.  We catch and released because we did not get enough to actually make a meal. The water was cold, and it was windy and chilly…so, it was not a great “fishing time”…but we had a great time.

We, as parents, are trying to be more outdoors.  We have giving our children all the tech gadgets, and now we have found that our daughter is not into anything but her gadgets.  I think, in life, there has to be a balance…and we are working on that.  As long as they are living under my roof, I make the decisions as to where we go and what we do 🙂  So, more activities will come…

After hanging out at the lake all day, J and I decided to grab a bite. We went home, got ready and invited the kids to go with us. By then they were whooped…some they decided to stay…JJ asked for Ramen Noodles and Janie asked us to bring her something back. So, just like that, it was a “date” for my husband and I. We chose a Mexican Restaurant. We are new to the area, so we are trying new things as we go. That particular restaurant will not be getting any of our money anymore. You see, as a cook, when I go to eat to a restaurant, I expect the food to be better than what I make at home.  That was not the case at that Mexican place. 

Sunday, my husband and I decided to go shopping, all by our selves and we had a great time. He bought me my own tackle box, and a few other goodies…to include a really nice pair of white sandals….that I cannot wait to wear 🙂  I am just lucky that my husband likes to buy things for me 🙂 We checked out some boats…yes, I told you we are all about fishing!  We’ll see maybe soon or maybe next year…maybe we’ll get one…we’ll see.

We knew that the week ahead was going to be rough…so, we made the best out of our weekend.

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