Looking forward to…2016

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I had a quiet time at work, just a few minutes, and I started thinking about the things I am looking forward this upcoming new year. Of course I have set out some, achievable goals, but there are some other things I look forward to.

I am so ready to go see my family in Puerto Rico. The scary and stressful part is that there are so many friends and family I want to see, but I am only going for five-short days! I came up with the idea of meeting with people at this restaurant/bar that everyone seems like back home. I think that would be the easiest way to actually greet as much people as possible. I am terrified of dealing with the heat at my mom’s house, and I am actually concerned about people’s expectations when I’m there.

Another thing I am looking forward is baseball season. This coming Spring, baseball will be more competitive. We have a great team, a larger roster, so I do get concern with the amount of time my baseball player will get on the field. Although he really don’t care much, I do, because after all…daddy and I…spent a lot of cash, so we want to see our boy play a LOT of baseball. I figure, the more he play, the better he gets at the game…and the more chances he will have when he try out for the high school team.

I am looking forward to my girl’s success in school. She thrives in school and it make us so proud! Then I do have to find some sort of activity for the child, her dance school will be closed during the Spring, and it will pick back up during the Fall. So, I must find the girl something to do. Working on that…almost everyday…and so far, no luck!

Looking forward some quiet time with my hubby, I like our early weekends, when we can grab breakfast or lunch, and then stroll around, do some shopping. There are so many areas we still have to explore in Mississippi and Tennessee. I love going to the farmer’s market with my honey, we pick tomatoes and other fresh goodies and mingle with people in town.

I am most definitely looking forward to a 2016 filled with possibilities, lots of laughter and joy, family, a good book, and perhaps a couple of weekends away…no long vacation this year…just sort trips with the teens.

Are you looking forward to something in particular this upcoming new year? Any goals you want to share?

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