Living with psoriasis…Update


Two months ago I started my Humira journey in an attempt to control my psoriasis. Good news, the medicine does work, I mean I love it!

Bad News: Well when I started Humira my WBC was high, I was battling a silly cold then, so I explained to my Dermatologist that perhaps that was the reason. To be certain, she order some lab work. I waited more than I should have, and then I got really sick. I had a horrible head cold that lasted for over 7 days. I figure I’ll wait a couple of days then re-do my labs. Well, this past Monday I repeated my lab work and my WBC continues to be elevated.

Needless to say that my Dermatologist stopped the Humira and ordered me to seek medical attention from a primary care physician. So, been that I am an overall a healthy individual, and I moved to MS a year ago, I do not have a primary care doctor in the area. After some research, I was able to find a clinic that opens on Saturdays, so, this coming Saturday I will go meet a doctor to see what are the next steps.

I am nonchalant about it, I am just angry at the fact that I had to stop my Humira treatment. Yes, I want to know why my WBC is high, but I do not feel sick, I feel pretty good as a matter of fact. My husband does have some fears, been that he worked in an oncology lab in the past, as soon as I mentioned the issued with the lab work, his mind goes to Leukemia. Well, like I told him last nigh, it is what it is, and I am not going to worry myself thinking about that possibility.

I have to stay positive, after all, stress is definitely a factor when it comes to Psoriaris, and I do not want to get any more flares than what I already have. Summer is almost here and I want to wear my shorts and flip-flops and be happy. So, until I find out what it is…I will continue to have hope that soon I will be able to get back on my treatment. That is the update folks, so say a little prayer for this Latin Mama living in the South.

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