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Today I decided to give you all an update about my life with psoriasis.  Not a pleasant topic, but, writing and talking about it help me cope.  I was using Humira, for a year, and in the beginning it worked wonderfully, although the injection was very traumatic for me. The pain was almost unbearable!  For me it came to the “Do I want the itch to stop? If so, endure the pain”, so I lived through it…but it was very painful. Keep in mind that my tolerance for pain, since my first pregnancy, has been very low.

The last six months, I noticed that Humira was not clearing my skin, it was still helping with the itch, but the plaques were very prominent, specially in my legs (and I have awesome looking legs 🙂 ), so, I was very stressed about it!  I kept my appointments, follow the treatment, and try my best to use some home remedies as well.  Long story short, it seems as if Humira stopped working for me.

Since I suffer so much with the injection, I wanted to try Otezla, a pill. But, my insurance denied it, they claimed that there were other medication that I have not tried, like Embrel, which is another injection. Embrel operates just like Humira, the big difference, the one that is messing with my head, is that it has to be injected twice a week.  My insurance approved the Embrel, and I just received the first shipment two days ago.

I am not in  a happy place about the Embrel, because it has to be injected, but, I must do what I can to keep my sanity, therefore, I will continue doing whatever I can to deal with the psoriasis.  My daughter will be in charge of injecting the medication, and I must be strong, so I don’t scare her away with my reaction to the pain. As soon as I get that first shot I will let you guys know how I feel about it.

On another note, I just came back from Puerto Rico.  I lived there the first 25 years of my life, and never show any symptoms of the disease.  I was there for two weeks, and after day 3, my skin began to clear up. I was so happy about it!  The skin was so smooth to the touch, I kept telling my husband to caress my legs, I was so happy with the softness!  Towards the last day, I was able to tell that the spots on my legs were healing a great deal…sadly, I was returning to my current home in Mississippi where temperatures were below 40.

As soon as I stepped out of the baggage claim area, that my skin felt the cold breeze, I started itching.  It was so frustrating!  I got home, shower and covered myself in baby oil, in an attempt to control, to manage the itch. It did not work, but I am determined not to scratch, at least not my legs! It’s been 4 days since I returned from PR, we have had temperatures below 30 and it snowed. So, I am dealing with the disease the best I can, but for me, cold temperatures and stress are my main triggers.

I’ve learned to control my stress by identifying the triggers, and exercising some breathing techniques. I’ve incorporated more veggies into my diet, and I am trying to maintain a positive attitude towards life.  Living with psoriasis, is no joke, it hurts you physically and emotionally.  When people stare, I hold my tongue, thinking, go ahead and ask me what it it…don’t assume things. Let me tell you that it is not contagious, that there is no cure, that it bothers me a lot, that I am trying my best to control it…let me explain that to you…don’t just stare in disgust!

That is my little update…next Tuesday I will try the Embrel for the first time…let’s hope it work!



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