Living with Psoriasis Update


Hello! It’s been a couple of weeks since I provided you all with an update on my so cruel psoriasis. Well, let’s get to it. Quick summary: I started Humira and I was loving the results. Come to find out that my white blood count (WBC) was higher than normal. So, I was ordered a battery of labs and tests to figure out what was causing the WBC to be high. After a “funky” chest X-ray I was asked to stop using the Humira. A Cat-scan was ordered and more lab work. My primary care doctor scheduled an appointment with a Hematologist…I believe they wanted to rule out the infamous Leukemia. Well, met this awesome Hematologist and within 5 minutes he told me I was perfectly fine.

The doctor explained, briefly, that my WBC was reacting to the battle between the psoriasis and the Humira. The idea had crossed my mind, but hey, I am not a doctor. So, I am OK to go back to my Humira…which is great news.

Now, in regards to the psoriasis, I can tell you that, now that the cold weather is pretty much gone, the spots have cleared tremendously. I still have some small areas, in my legs, that reminds me of the terrible disease but that does not stop me to rock on some awesome shorts and show some leg this summer. Stress is also a big contributor to the flares. In 2015 I lived through a very stressful and traumatic experience and that is when my skin totally flared up. I struggled to control the flares, but like everything in life, time heals, not only my skin but also my soul. So, stress is at a minimum right now, with some breathing techniques, my faith in God and an amazing husband my stress is pretty much under control…so not many flares to speak of nowadays.

I still want to go back to the Humira just because it does help my skin a whole lot. So, I will be visiting m dermatologist soon to schedule an appointment to get back on the meds. That is my update y’all, blessed that Cancer had nothing to do with my high WBC and blessed that I had the health insurance and the family support needed to go through the testing and the emotional pain of the “not knowing”, blessed beyond belief.

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