Living with psoriasis-Humira does work!

AutoImmune Disease: Because the only thing tough enough to kick my butt is ME.:

It’s week number 6 of my Humira treatment and I can honestly say that I am in Heaven.  I still have spots and scars from past spots…but you know what…my skin is not itching!  The itch is plain and simple unbearable…not to mention the emotional distress you feel every time someone looks at you with a disgusted look.

The injection still hurts, I am injecting once, every other week, and I am happy…extremely happy with the results. Humira does have some scary side effects, so far I’ve noticed that I am more susceptible to getting sick, with Humira your immune system does not work in a normal way.  I just got sick for the first time, since starting the medication, this past week.  To be honest, everyone in my home was sick…so, I think that whether I was taking the medication or not, it was just my time.  I am better, and as soon as I feel 100% I have to go to the lab for some blood work, to check on my white cell count…always scary when you have to get tested for crap, but hey, I am not itching and my skin is healing 🙂 

Since coming out about my illness I wonder how many people noticed that I was dealing with psoriasis.  As far as I can remember, only a couple of coworkers mentioned something in the past…I just wonder, not that it matters…those who love me and are my friends, won’t care…well, I hope! 

I am better, I feel better, my stressors are under control and I am learning to cope more and more with the things that angers me. Just some advice to those who know nothing about psoriasis…it is a terrible things, cannot be control without help, it itches, hurts, and is an emotional burden on those who deal with it.  So, how about showing some empathy and not a look of disgust when you see someone with a skin condition.  

Thanks Humira for doing the trick!

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