Living with psoriasis #4

It’s been exactly a month since I began my journey with Humira.  A few things have happen, mostly good.  First of all, it still hurts like hell when I am injected the medication, the pain is for like 5-10 seconds.  I have to say that the itch has pretty much stop. I only felt some itching in my lower legs, two or three days ago and I was able to noticed that I was dealing with some stress when the itching began, so I  applied lotion to the area, controlled my breathing and began relaxing…no more itching!  I believe 100% that the majority of the symptoms associated with the disease are influenced by stress.  I am learning to live with minimum stress…I am doing a lot better. 

Psoriasis started affecting my scalp, and that is when I decided enough is enough. Well, after a month of Humira, I have to say that the scalp is a LOT better, the spots on my legs are clearing up and I have not notice any new ones.  I take forever to heal, so I know that the big spots in my legs will take a longer time to heal.  I don’t want perfection, I just want to feel comfortable enough to be able to wear my shorts without been self-conscious. So, in other words, the Humira is helping, it has provided relief to the annoying itching and scaly flakes that form as a result of the over acting skin cells growing faster than it should, making life miserable to those who suffer from the disease.

The side effects I am not pleased with, is the tiredness.  Yes, Humira makes me feel tired all the time.  I can’t, I don’t have the time to be tired.  I have plenty to do with a job, husband, teenagers, and a house to maintain.  I keep telling myself to keep moving to keep doing all the things I normally do, but I feel winded, so I feel forced to take a break.  I try to keep pushing myself, but trust me when I say, your body just gives up.  I will continue battling the side effect and I will stay positive, because at the end, I decided to embark in this journey, no one force me.  I also notice that if someone is sick around me, I end up getting a mild cold.  The fact that the medication pretty much block your immune system, makes you be more aware of what is happening with the people around you.

Here is a picture of my lower, day #1 of Humira. Picture one shows more spots all over the leg.



Here is a picture of my lower leg after 1 month on Humira. The spots on the bottom were the toughest ones, they feel better to the touch and they are healing but very slowly. I am OK with that!


I was hesitant of showing pictures, but I figured, if I am sharing my disease with the world, I might as well show the before and after pics too. So, don’t judge, I can’t control or help that I was blessed or cursed with psoriasis, all I can do is continue to love who I am and thank God for everything that HE sends my way…HE knows best!  Be conscious about skin conditions, do not judge, ask questions.  It is not contagious and it is embarrassing, but I have one life to live and I plan on living it to the fullest…spots or not!

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