Living with Psoriasis #3

Yesterday I received my Humira. I was excited and with high hopes for my new psoriasis treatment. It came with a lot of literature, so I began to read away (maybe I shouldn’t have, but I did). The literature covered everything imaginable in regards to the medication, application, side-effects, etc. So, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and thankful at the same time, because Humira makers took the time to explain everything related to the medication in detail. They also listed phone numbers, emails, videos, etc if the patient had additional questions. 

I decided to complete dinner and we sat down to eat, after cleaning the kitchen, I finally grew the guts to get the medication in my body. We received the packet with the 4 self injecting pens, I knew the needle was small, but I was nervous, nervous of the unknown…the first-time nervousness that comes with every new experience we face in life. I was trying to decide where to administer the first shot, belly area or legs. I decided for the legs! We cleaned our hands, cleaned the area and follow the instructions step-by-step. I chickened out! I could not do it myself…so my husband came to my rescue.

My husband was a medic in the Army, so administering medication for him, is like nothing. He knows how to prep the area correctly and I trust him 100%.

Back to “Pen”…Shot went in…pen needs to be held in place for 10 seconds…those 10 seconds were a PURE HELL!!! As soon as the medicine enters your body, the sensation is pure burning, horrible pain! I was trying to be strong, after all, my children were watching (it was a family affair), my daughter held my hand (I squeezed her hand so hard, I felt horrible afterwards). 

I am a 41-year-old woman, with plenty of life experiences, two pregnancies, two c-sections, etc…and I cry! I cry a LOT, I was sobbing!!!! The pain of that medicine is horrible…but, it only last 10-15 seconds. So, as of this time, I am willing to endure that HELL…as long as I see results.

After the medicine was injected, you start feeling some tingling…I started feeling the tingling running down my legs. I decided to retrieved to my bedroom because I wanted quiet time. I wanted to make sure I was not having a bad reaction to the medication. While in bed, I continue to feel a warmth, tingling feeling, mostly on my legs and arms. It lasted a couple of hours, I felt the warmth all the way in my face, specially my lips. 

I decided to go to bed around midnight, I was concern about having sore legs…after reading many reviews people complaint about soreness in the injected areas…but I was not sore…yes, the legs, the body in general feel somewhat weird, but not weird enough to make you worry. I slept like a baby. 

This morning I woke up, feeling tired, but normal. My body was sore from staying in bed a little to long, as soon as I started moving around I felt perfectly normal. The next injection will be administered 8 days from today. I will post again on that day. after I inject, just to note my experience with Humira and with Psoriasis in general.

Although it was a painful experience for me, I am willing to continue treatment. I seriously believe that the medicine is going to help my skin, and I am looking forward to that.  I will keep you all posted 🙂

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