Living with Psoriasis #2

Lol!! Tonight several people asked "What's that on your arm?"... "It's psoriasis"...  "Wow it looks really itchy"... Thought to myself "no shit Sherlock. It's itchier than any dirty butthole you've ever had...   After 30 years I should be use to it but people still amuse me!!!:

On January 16, I posted about my experience living with Psoriasis, so here is the latest update.  Monday, since it was a holiday, I got up and got some lab work done then drove to my dermatologist office to get a TB skin test done. So, today, Wednesday I returned to my dermatologist office to get the TB skin test check. Everything was fine, they also received the lab results, so the next step was for me to call and find out about the Humira.

After work, I got home and I called and I was referred to Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy. Called Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy and I was greeted by a very pleasant CCR. She explained that they were waiting on some paperwork from my insurance. In the meantime, she gathered some additional insurance information as well as the information from Humira Protection Plan. She also explained that she was trying to get a hold of her supervisors but that my healthcare insurance was assigned to another region. The CCR called the proper region and they were close for business today. CCR mentioned that they should call me Thursday morning to explain the hold up and that if everything was resolved before five o’clock, they will ship the Humira.

Although I am very thankful that my insurance company approved Humira, it was not my first choice. I did not want an injection, I asked for Otezla, a pill that does not require lab work. The insurance company denied Otezla because I have yet to use Humira…I guess I have to follow the proper chain of command medication wise, before I can get the BEST medicine out there. So, back to been thankful…I hope that the medicine works, having Psoriasis affects your mental health more than it affects your physical health. The emotional damage caused as a result of the skin lacerations all over your body have a rippling effect on your mental health. 

I have always been a confident woman, it is who I am, so although I have my weak moments…the disease is not going to defeat me. It can scar my body away, I will call those scars, battle scars. But, I can only imagine the suffering and anguish a person feels when they are not as strong as I am, it really breaks my heart to know that pharmaceuticals produce these medications for such little money, yet the want to charge customers an enormous amount of money…that should be against the law! I was lucky, that my insurance approved and cover a large amount of the cost of Humira. 

I am crossing my fingers that I will get my medication this weekend, if not, sometime next week. Then I will have to embrace myself for the self-injected dose -more likely my hubby will be doing the injecting, lol. I am considering posting some pictures of the process, just to share with you all the progression of the disease, and the possible changes to my skin (hoping for good results)…we’ll see!

Anyways, that is my latest update about my disease 🙂

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