Living with Psoriasis…#1

psoriasis. Yes, hello people! Please do stop displaying your ignorance.:

I started developing some red spots around my ankles when I was living in NC, I have to say that was around 2005. I did not pay too much attention to it, the spots were itchy and red. I realized the more I scratched, the worst it got, so I stop touching the spots.  I tried to ignore it, and I did a good job at it. Then I moved to SC and the spots were less…until the kids became older and stress started affecting my life.  Then I noticed more spots in the front of my legs…again…the spots were annoying, but I figure…What the hell, right? 

I kept managing the spots…but, in 2011, after a very stressful situation…the spots got bigger…that is when I decided to visit a dermatologist. They told me that it was just a bad case of dry skin, the instructions were to avoid so many showers and to lotion my skin as much as possible. So, I did not stop my daily showers but I did lotion up my skin a LOT! 2012…emotionally… I was a little better…and the spots were the same, no new changes…then winter came and I started a new, stressful job…the spots got bigger and they kept appearing in other places. I visited another dermatologists, and she decided to do a biopsy.  Thing is the biopsy came back…as psoriasis. 

I cried, and cried, and cried some more. After realizing that there is no cure for the damn thing…I was devastated. I started applying the prescribed ointment and the spots did not itch as much, some cleared up, and some disappeared…so I kind of…gradually learned to lived with it. More visits to the doctors, ointments, lotions, etc. I hid my legs as much as possible, but still, did not give up my shorts 😉

So, in 2015 I moved to North Mississippi…stress kicked in like never before, for various reasons…and on top of that…I faced the coldest, snowiest winter I have ever faced since I became a resident of the United States. The psoriasis was in full gear…it kicked in like never before. I itched everywhere, spots were everywhere and depression just took a hold of my life. I decided to find a Dermatologist in Mississippi.

Met the new doctor, was happy, she is a young and vibrant doctor who showed a great deal of empathy towards my disease. She explained that, with my condition, tanning beds was something that eases the itching and helps the appearance of the skin. She also mentioned that there was an ointment, that I had not try, that it was so strong that I could only apply it to the affected areas for two weeks at a time and then I would have to take a break. 

After hearing my new doctor talk about another ointment, I was frustrated, I mean I was pissed! I explained to her that I was tired of applying medicine, that I wanted either a pill or an injection. Of course, she went through the whole spill of insurance companies, and how they want you to try all the damn medicines before they can approved the one that actually treats the disease…blah, blah, blah…that was all I was hearing. I replied, well, I guess I will be bathing in the new ointment…I mean I was literally covered in red, scaly looking spots…legs, arms, back, hips and thighs. I agreed to treat my psoriasis as prescribed…it did not work AT ALL…I gave up. I decided to live life-like nothing was going on. 

Summer came, it was warm, stress was getting under control…and the spots were the same, not getting worst…which is a good thing.  But, right after the summer, as soon as the Fall breeze kicked it…I flared up. OMG…did it mess with my head…you have no idea! It still did not affect my confidence as a woman…I just hated to see the spots and the itch that comes with it. So, I called my doctor again…she was so happy to see me (I couldn’t believe she remembered me, I guess she doesn’t treat many Latinas in her office). She looked at my skin, noticed that the issue was spreading to my head, and she decided to take a shot and prescribed a strong, effective pill…Otezla. Well, to make a long story short, my insurance did not approve the medication because I have not try Humira (injection). I was beyond angry. I raised hell to no avail, insurance stood its ground and I settled for Humira. So, now I have to get some lab work done and then order my Humira. I have no clue how that medicine is going to affect me or if its even going to work. But, I will give it a try…so stay tuned…and I will tell you how that goes….

P.S. I just came back from spending 5 days in Puerto Rico with a great warm weather…I did not itch, the spots on my legs were not as bad and I was amazed at how great my skin felt…bittersweet…to know that coming back to the US…to the cold weather…would make my skin be at its worst…

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