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Frustrated Quotes

Wondering how God paired me up with a family that is totally different than me. Husband and kids are home-bodies. I am the total opposite, I like to go and do things, even if it’s just going for a ride with the radio blasting some good music. Yesterday, I literally had to beg my three family members to go to the movies with me. Husband said no, that he hates going to the movies. Daughter said no, that she did not care for the movie I wanted to see. Lastly, I asked my son (who was playing his XBOX), if he wanted to go with me. Mind you, he already heard the other two family members say no, so the boy pretty much felt obligated to say yes. He liked the movie some, but I could tell that all he wanted to do was get back to the house to play his video game.

Got home, and I was still frustrated….well, made dinner, clean the kitchen and pretty much went to sleep.

This morning is kind of the same story. We have cats and a dog. So, it is Sunday and I like to sleep in as much as possible. Not today, between a cat and the dog barking in the back, I was forced to get up at 8AM. I tried very hard not to be mad! Made coffee and since everyone else was sleeping I decided to sit in the living room (which I never do) and watch some TV….well, the TV remote is nowhere to be found. I know that JJ was the last one using the remote, should I wake him up and make him find it? Or should I let him sleep, because only God knows at what time he went to bed? Well, I decided to let him sleep, to avoid the drama…so I grabbed my laptop…browse Facebook…and nah, that was not the think I wanted to do. In the mean time I heard some noise coming from the bedroom and I realized the husband was up. So, he did a couple of chores…and then he sat in the living room, couldn’t find the remote…then he found the remote…and started watching some races (NASCAR). I hate NASCAR with a passion…I don’t get any joy by watching a whole bunch of grown men drive in circles for hours.

I knew then, that was my Sunday…nothing but boredom. I go back to my bedroom and turned the TV on…pretending that everything was OK. Here comes the husband, saying that he thought we were going to watch TV together….well, I replied….in not such a nice way. He asked if I was OK, and I said NO…I just let it out…how in the hell did I got paired up with people so different than me? Then he said, well, what do you want to do? I replied, anything, I just want him and the kids to want to do something other than sit in the damn house. That did not go well, so needless to say that it promises to be another boring weekend in my home.
Yes, I could go and do things on my own, but then what is the purpose of having a family. Then I am judge because I do things on my own, and I don’t include them. Is just one of those…damn if I do and damn if I don’t.

The only joy I get is that at least in a couple of weeks JJ’s baseball tournaments will start and I will be in HEAVEN.

Is it too much to ask to LIVE instead of just EXISTING?

I want to live life to the fullest…not merely exist….

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