Leading by example


I am a firm believed that a leader should lead by example. Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group or organization. Becoming a leader takes strength and courage. A good leader leads from the front, not the back, and they will have a clear understanding that the leader is only as stronger as their weakest link.

A leader MUST learn to take constructive criticism, without retaliation. We live in a FREE country for a reason, if you think you are Super Human and you do not need any feedback, you are NOT a good leader. Retaliating against an employee, for speaking their minds, during a scheduled meeting is WEAK. If a meeting I scheduled and an employee bring up some points that are affecting the work moral, it is a leader’s responsibility to understand where the employee is coming from, and to create ways to improve the work environment so the employees can be content, at the end of the day, if the employees are not content productivity will be on the low.

Terminating an employee for showing interest in bettering the work performance, environment and moral will only be detrimental for the workplace. Learning to recognized good employees is a skill a good leader MUST have to be successful in the leadership role. Keeping good employees is a skill a good leader must learn and implement for the benefit of the company.

That is my take in Leadership!!!!

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